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Tuesday, June 29th
Western Speedway

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The Autocross is a driving event run one car at a time, against the clock, around a course marked out by chalk and pylon cones. If you have never done the autocross, come on out and give it a try, as you can have a lot of fun. You will be the only car on the course at one time, so you only have to compete against yourself in any run! There are a lot of folks that will be there to help you out with your run.

For scoring the cars the Original Minis are classified according to a points system; new MINIs are grouped by their type.  The table below shows how to determine your vehicle’s class.  Each cone displaced during a run will result in a penalty time of two seconds and the driver in each class with the lowest elapsed time will be declared the classification winner.

Come on out and have a great time with your car at the autocross.

Autocross Results: