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Wednesday, June 29th
Western Speedway

Funkhana is a slow speed, light hearted event with multiple activities associated with the drive around a predefined course, testing the driving skills as well as dexterity of the team. The team of driver and co-pilot will be expected to get in and out of the Mini at various stops along the course and perform fun and challenging activities as quickly and as accurately as possible.

This years Funkhana will be held at the same location as the autocross at Western Speedway, so entrants can attend both events at the same location.

This Funkhana will be both challenging and fun for all ages.  Both the driver and co-pilot will be expected to be nimble in mind, and especially spirit.  In this event, your score time will consist of the run time plus any penalties accrued along the way.

Come on out and have fun in the Funkhana!